January 13, 2020
Trying to keep up with the latest technological marketing trends is one thing, with many digital marketers within the hotel industry yet to get onto the 360-degree video tour bandwagon. Trying to keep up with marketing leaders who’ve already mastered the art of producing top-notch video tours is a whole new ball game.   However,...
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chelsea gates 0653 wY0nRc unsplash
So, it’s January already, and you’ve got your digital marketing plans for your hotel set out, strategies in place and marketing goals identified. Even though you’re confident that your marketing tools and preparations will transform your hotel marketing efforts into digital domination, bringing with it increased bookings and revenue, will confidence alone deliver the marketing...
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paolo nicolello 2gOxKj594nM unsplash
While hotels are setting out to become more eco-friendly, more health-conscious in their dining offerings, more sustainable, smarter in their incorporation of Internet of Things and more automotive and robot-friendly, they are also setting out to become more personalised, more virtual and more augmented in their reality. The following internet marketing trends can be implemented...
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