Align Your Revenue Management And Marketing Team Now!

While the digital world continues to evolve in technologies and strategies, it’s always important to stop and reflect on how these technologies and strategies are being collaborated on.

  • How they are working together
  • How your revenue management and marketing teams are committing to working together for partnering these strategies and technologies
  • How the teams are supporting each other.
  • How they are aware of each other
  • How they are working off the same business plan and communicating regularly.

And if alignment and collaboration are falling between the digital cracks, here’s how to put a stop to it and bring renewed collaboration and improved revenue.

Stop, Collaborate And Listen!

It cannot be stressed enough how vital it is to have effective communication between your marketing and revenue teams. If you want to prevent resorting to panicked, last-minute deals, a period of low demand and ensure integrated, results-driven approaches that guarantee the right guests are attracted to your hotel at the right time, then align and collaborate.

When both teams exchange data together, make decisions together after consulting full access to data and analytics and set goals together, marketing and revenue teams can bring about optimised effective targeted campaigns that encourage mass bookings.

Here’s How To Work Together

Get your marketing team to gain valuable and insightful statistics from Google Analytics and then relay this data to the revenue management team. Through this relaying of data, upcoming opportunities can be clearly identified and defined. Your revenue management team can then ascertain where website visitors are coming from and identify organic and direct searches which then influence how they build the perfect packages to attract the right guest.

Once the marketing team knows the location, age, sex and demographics of prospects, and have established the right audience, they can share this crucial data with the revenue management team who then establish the right packages and optimise them. Optimisation is possible as the revenue management team know the right time to create the package based on demand forecasts. They know how to create a package that serves what the guests want. They know how to make a perfect package which sets it apart from the imperfect basic ones which prospects are hounded by non-stop. They know how to create packages which steer clear of the clutter, and they know how to sell it to clients in a way that they can see it.

Through all this, the revenue management team’s analytical skills will shine. Their trend detection and know-how of transaction-level data truly aids in package optimisation. And they then can assist the marketing team by letting them know which online forums their potential clients use and equip the team with the knowledge to effectively decide on the best methods of promotion.

While the revenue management team completes a fully comprehensive competitor analysis, the marketing team can look into online reviews and ratings. Then collaborating findings will maximise potential returns and allow the revenue management team to establish how the reviews are affecting demand and subsequently adjust the pricing accordingly.

Let’s Collaborate

Well, there is more to tell on alignment and collaboration, and the benefits thereof, so we suggest you contact us for more information. Collaborate with the professionals first so that you can know how to get your revenue management team and marketing team to collaborate effectively. Align with our collaboration tactics, so you can align your hotel with results and revenue that you desire!

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Olivier Mamet is the director and owner of The Seo Consultant & Out of the box. The first one providing search engine optimization, online public relations, social media marketing and the other providing video marketing and video production services. A general enthusiast of the Internet of Things.

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