Decode your Digital Marketing Reports

Understand your online marketing with just
a glance at the reports.

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By Olivier Mamet, Digital Marketing Consultant

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Why Decoding your Digital Marketing Reports is important for your organizations growth?

Digital Marketing has a direct influence on your Organizational growth. In sales and marketing activity, timely social media posting, targeted marketing campaigns, proper Search Engine Optimized pages this all acts as a catalyst for organizational growth. Therefore understanding and decoding digital marketing reports is important for your marketing efforts.

This course will teach you how to decode digital marketing reports the right way and quick pointers to check reports quickly and see how your marketing campaigns are performing.

After taking this course you'll...

  • Understand how to quickly decipher, understand and take action on digital marketing campaigns.
  • Understand what are good and bad KPIs and be able to take action.
  • Able to Decode SEO reports.
  • Able to Decode Adwords reports.
  • Able to Decode Facebook.
  • Able to Decode LinkedIn reports.

This course is essential for you if...

  • You’re Marketing Manager.
  • You’re a business decision-maker.
  • You hire a Digital Marketing firm for handling your marketing campaigns
  • You want to understand campaigns the right way.
  • You want to understand and analyze which channels are performing better.


Olivier Mamet

Olivier Mamet

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I’m a process nerd. Having worked with so many companies, I have been able to accumulate a lot of data and for this reason, I now have a highly defined system. This allows me to show results almost instantly, knowing exactly what to do and what not to do depending on the cases.

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  • Quick pointers to check reports and know where to look instantly.

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