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Alpha Clean

Project Detail

Alphaclean is one of the leading supplier of commercial cleaning equipment & machines in Australia. Servicing all industries. They needed to be able to acquire leads for salesman to follow up on.

A series of pages were carefully crafted to maximise enquiries. They created pages revolving around industries and around particular product groups. This really works because prospective customers come through top level funnelling and all have one thing in common, they are looking for a cleaning solution to their problem.

The Solution

The solution was to generate hot traffic via google adwords. We used major adgroups split into 2 categories. 

  1. Adgroup leading prospective customers to specific industry crafted pages. (e.g Gym Owners) These pages contained all the equipment and information needed to keep a gym well operated and clean. 
  2. Adgroups leading prospective customers to product categories. Product of various sizes and prices to be able to cast a wide net. (e.g Commercial scubbers) These pages all sorts of commercial scrubbers, from the most expensive and technical ones to the simplest commercial scrubbers there is.
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Impressive Results

The Results were pretty good. We averaged ~$24 per conversions and acquired 87 conversions.

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2.24% CTR

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~$24 CPA

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87 conversion