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Olivier Mamet offers SEO training with an experienced SEO and eCommerce digital marketing consultant to give you the tools you need to be successful.

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What Our SEO Training Will Cover


Learn About Search Engines And SEO Strategies

Understand search engines and how they decide on website rankings. Learn how to set up a logical, efficient SEO plan by identifying weaknesses and making improvements for sustainable growth.


Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis And Google Analytics

Learn the best ways to understand your target audience with relevant data, identify content gaps and spot all the ways you can outperform your competition.


Advanced Reporting And Strategies

Find out how to make sure that the strategies you put in place are working and making a positive impact. We will show you how to monitor metrics, analyse data and interpret the information. You will be able to use these as valuable insights that can be utilised to make improvements for continuous results.

“Daryl Rosser is a relative newcomer to the SEO world, but he’s already becoming a household name.”

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“Daryl’s blog, Lion Zeal, is also amazing. He is results driven. Everything he writes and puts out is field tested.”

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What Our SEO Training Can Do For You


Search Engines

How search engines decide one site is more relevant and trustworthy for their users


SEO Strategies

The best ways to ensure your site performs better with search engines than your competitors


Website Structures

How to make it easier for users to navigate your site and for search engines to crawl it


On-Page SEO

How to make sure your site and content are optimised to boost traffic and conversions


Off-Page SEO

Increase site authority, boost inbound links and write for the web the correct way


Paid Advertising

Run cost-effective PPC campaigns alongside your organic traffic efforts

Frequently Asked Questions

Our expert SEO consultant can train anyone interested in SEO, from entrepreneurs to corporations to aspiring SEO professionals.

Our SEO training services are conducted by an experienced, professional SEO and digital marketing consultant. Get in touch with us to find out more about Olivier Mamet.

Search Engine Optimisation will help search engines like Google, Yahoo and more establish your business as trustworthy, ranking it higher in search results. This means potential customers will find your site more easily and result in a boost in traffic, revenue and growth.

Olivier Mamet is an expert digital marketing and eCommerce SEO consultant. Take a look at our services to find out more about what we can do for you.


Audit My Site

Get an actionable 20 minute video walking through your website


Managed SEO

Chat with our founder and head of SEO about our managed SEO service