SEO And Digital Marketing Consultant To Help Grow Your Business

Olivier Mamet is here to offer services as a digital marketing and eCommerce SEO consultant to help grow your online business. Olivier Mamet solves marketing problems for your business to drive revenue while focusing on the lowest possible cost per acquisition.


Website Review

Interested in finding out exactly what Olivier Mamet can do for you? Want to find out what to expect from an eCommerce digital marketing consultant? Get in touch with us and request a custom review of your website to see just how much we can help you grow.


Comprehensive Site Audit

Allow us to examine each page of your website to identify the best SEO strategy to help you grow. We will review pages from both a content perspective and a technical perspective to ensure we take in all the details.



We work with most eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento and more. With our eCommerce SEO, you’ll see more traffic to your online shop before you know it!



From content analysis and research to developing and implementing the most effective content calendars, Olivier Mamet will help ensure your posts reach your desired audience.


Outreach Link Building

Improve your website’s authority with email campaigns designed to generate more backlinks. You’ll be the master of even the most competitive keywords and feature where it matters.


eCommerce SEO

Allow us to manage all of your eCommerce SEO requirements to drive traffic, convert prospects into returning clients/customers, and grow your business. We offer comprehensive services from technical SEO to link building to content marketing and more. In addition, we offer you a fully managed eCommerce SEO consultant service as we work with just about every eCommerce platform. This includes WooCommerce, BigComerce, Shopify and more!

“Daryl Rosser is a relative newcomer to the SEO world, but he’s already becoming a household name.”

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“Daryl’s blog, Lion Zeal, is also amazing. He is results driven. Everything he writes and puts out is field tested.”

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Audit My Site

Looking for a site audit to get started? Olivier Mamet can:

Managed For You

SEO Consulting Services

Looking for an SEO consultant? Here’s what we can offer with our SEO services: