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SEO Consultant And Technical SEO Services To Improve Your Site’s Ranking

Olivier Mamet’s expertise as an SEO consultant offering technical SEO services will help ensure your website is healthy and contains quality content with optimised crawlability.

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Development And Audits

At Olivier Mamet, we have the expertise and experience to conduct comprehensive technical SEO audits and implement custom SEO development and changes. Examining each and every technical detail from checking keyword cannibalisation to configuring international SEO to help you compete in multiple countries and languages, Olivier Mamet will have your site running in peak condition

“Daryl Rosser is a relative newcomer to the SEO world, but he’s already becoming a household name.”

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Technical SEO Services For Your Business


Site Audit

Begin by getting a good idea of every page on your site from a content and technical perspective


Site Structure

Ensure your internal URL and linking structure are relevant and set up for easy crawling


Keyword Cannibalisation

Find pages targeting the same keyword topic that is causing conflicts and resolve these issues


Faceted Navigation

Simplify site search by streamlining thin and duplicate content issues that are due to faceted navigation


Structured Data

Clarify and streamline content and claim rich snippets by setting up structured data


Site Speed

Ensure the site runs as fast as it can for both people and robots by reducing where necessary and optimising resources


Internal Linking

Internal link opportunities such as high-depth pages are identified and resolved


Crawl Analysis

Analysing your store’s data to see which pages Google is crawling and how often it does so to identify any problems


International SEO

Rank in multiple countries and languages without compromising your SEO or creating any conflicts

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the size of your website, how many pages you have and a few other details, a technical audit shouldn’t take longer than a few days.

We would love to help you plan for costs; we just need a few details first. Get in touch with us to discuss pricing for your technical SEO audit.

Once the technical SEO repairs and improvements have been implemented and SEO is continuously performed, you could see results in just a few months.

This depends on several factors including your specific industry, how much competition you have, whether your industry is seasonal, etc. You should see consistent growth and traffic, though exact numbers are difficult to pinpoint.


Audit My Site

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Managed SEO

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