The Top 10 360-Degree Hotel Video Tour Features Revealed!

Trying to keep up with the latest technological marketing trends is one thing, with many digital marketers within the hotel industry yet to get onto the 360-degree video tour bandwagon. Trying to keep up with marketing leaders who’ve already mastered the art of producing top-notch video tours is a whole new ball game.


However, whether starting out in the hotel video marketing game or simply looking for inspiration for your next video tour, look for the top 10 360-degree video tours! Take note of what is featured within the footage and how every video tour is filmed. Adapt these features into your own video tour and create an effective video tour that will see increased bookings at your hotel!

For Those Yet To Create 360-Degree Video Tours, Get Venturing


For those in the hotel industry, it’s time to venture into video marketing and start incorporating 360-degree video tours into your hotel marketing strategies.


A 360-degree video tour is filmed using an omnidirectional camera. This technological super-charged camera films in all directions simultaneously. Unlike static images on a website or traditional videos showcasing one viewpoint, a 360-degree video tour provides a 360-degree field of view. This form of marketing offers an immersive experience for the viewer; providing them with the freedom to explore the footage and pan back and forth during playback.


Not only is the video tour created for exploration, but it’s also created for detailed observation. The tour showcases the physical features and qualities of a hotel. Through immersive footage, viewers are able to attain a realistic, detailed view and first-hand feel of what it would be like to stay at that hotel. This simply cannot be experienced and attained through static website images and descriptive content on a webpage. With 360-degree video tours and immersive observation enjoyed, potential guests are heavily persuaded to make bookings more confidently and eagerly. So if you’re seeking more bookings, get venturing into video tours right away!


When Filming Fails, Look To The Leaders


While marketers may be skilled in their own digital crafts, they may not possess videography skills and the ability to film their hotel in the most effective light and in the most aesthetically-pleasing way to ensure increased bookings. Some may face difficulty in planning and executing the actual video tour with limited knowledge of what features make for a successful video tour, while others may lack inspiration or direction.


When in filming mode, gain inspiration, ideas and tips from published hotel video tours created by hotel industry leaders. Taking guidance from those making better use of this video technology will allow you to apply the same quality, standards and features into your soon-to-be-successful hotel video tour.


Incorporate These Features Into Your 360-Degree Video Footage


#1 Successful 360-degree video tours provide footage of vast, picturesque views enjoyed from hotel balconies or other elevated areas. Scenic views are a great selling point.


#2 Within the video tour, feature footage of detailed aesthetics and close-up shots of beautiful furniture pieces and draped curtains, soft bed linen and large artworks. Detailed aesthetics and luxurious comfort play a huge role in influencing guests to make a booking.


3# Hotel video tours accompanied by full narration tend to have big persuasive power. Verbal descriptions of hotel features and environments go a long way in influencing the potential guest to make a booking.


#4 360-degree video tours which start off with a welcoming introduction from the hotel manager and carry on with a guided tour lead to more clicks on the confirm booking button.


#5 Video tours which take an understated approach and only focus on beautiful visuals and stunning hotel environments also do well in convincing prospects to make a booking.


#6 Be sure to showcase footage of guests engaging in hotel activities as this gives viewers a visionary sense of what they could be doing while staying at the hotel; drastically influencing their decision to book.


#7 Place a strong emphasis on broader themes of the hotel and surrounds. Footage showcasing surrounding areas and natural spaces serve as compelling pieces of video marketing.


#8 Film the video tour from an interesting angle, position or platform. Using a canoe or filming with a drone creates captivating footage and a persuasive piece of marketing material.


#9 Let the footage be focused on fun features. Filming highlights at the hotel cocktail bar, massage services at the spa and fun recreational activities create convincing footage.


#10 Highlight the hotel’s main offerings in 5-star fashion and feature spas, room service, Jacuzzis and luxurious rooms. These upmarket features do well on the selling front.


While you can look to the top 360-degree hotel video tours for inspiration and tips, rather look for a leader in video marketing for assistance. Contact Olivier Mamet and let’s get filming today!

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